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An approximation of the MBTI personality profile results can be obtained through an instrument developed by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates, called the Temperament Sorter. This report gives somewhat similar results as the MBTI, and may provide an approximation of your preferences. However, it does not provide the numerical strength of the preferences, nor is there a way to convert from the Temperament Sorter to the MBTI numerical scores. Nevertheless, one can get a rough idea of the degree of the creativity from looking at the preferences determined from the Temperament Sorter (as done in question #2 of the FAQ's) and then attempting to guesstimate the strengths of those preferences. However, this approach cannot provide as valid a numerical score for creativity as possible from the direct use of the MBTI-CI; hence it is a poor substitute. The new version of the Temperament Sorter is available both in a book called "Please Understand Me" as well as online at


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