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Medium Size Company

August 20, 1998

Mr. Greg Stevens
WinOvations, Inc.
5001 Oakridge Drive
Midland, Michigan  48640

Dear Greg,

Essex Specialty Products found the services of WinOvations, Inc. to be of use on several new business development projects over the last three years.  While utilizing WinOvationsSM services, I was the President and CEO of Essex Specialty Products.

What I like the most about WinOvations is that they consistently deliver new business opportunities with high profit potential.

WinOvationsSM new business development activities for Essex have ranged from the "fuzzy front end", to understanding the full requirements, and then assisting us in commercialization.  These actions included:

  • Clarifying and documenting our internal "gut-level" business screen.

  • Conducting broad multi-industry business overviews, and then drilling deeper into the top priority areas (per our screen).

  • Analyzing specific marketplace opportunities through detailed customer interviews and plant tours.  In doing this, WinOvations uncovered several unspoken needs at key customers.  Meeting these needs allowed us to more than double the profit potential of one of our products.

  • WinOvations helped us identify several new business opportunities, which could provide Essex Specialty Products with sustainable competitive advantages, and quantified the value of meeting those needs down the value chain.

I have confidence in taking commercial action based on WinOvationsSM results and highly recommend their services to others.


J. George Braendle
Board of Directors

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