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Honeywell (AlliedSignal)
Large Company

September 3, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

In my position, I am constantly barraged by new business development practitioners.  I, along with colleagues, have benchmarked many of them, including several of the traditional „stage-gateš approaches.  Most do not offer anything compelling, so we have not engaged them.  However, we have chosen to use WinOvationsSM services on several occasions.  WinOvations provides unique benefits including:

„Gut-Level Business Screenš

Their „gut-level screenš is a simple, powerful and unique concept.  We‚ve used it to help us quickly assess the fit of key projects within the organization.  This allows us to more quickly decide how to best commercialize the opportunity.  If the project fits our top management‚s „gut-level screen,š then it warrants additional internal development.  If it does not fit, then it more quickly becomes a candidate for joint venturing, licensing or divestiture, before we have wasted significant time and resources.

Risk Reduction:

WinOvations‚ approach helps us to determine if our starting ideas are the best way in the world for our customers to get their job done.  The WinOvations system is highly adept at „morphingš projects from their starting concepts, into new ideas better meeting customer needs.  Such projects then have exceptionally high odds of success and value.  Their quantified approach represents more than a six-sigma improvement in profitability and speed, when viewed from the portfolio perspective, vs. traditional staged-gate approaches, because their results are much more accurate.

Delivery of Business Plans that Make Money:

WinOvations combines creativity with a high degree of business discipline.  After creatively „morphingš the starting concept a time or two, we ended up with winning business plans that fully identified over $100 million per year in new sales potential.  The opportunities have exceptionally high profit potential with the likelihood of developing into several hundred million dollars per year businesses.  As a result of their work, we know specific directions to focus the project.  We know the costs of the best competitors in the world, and how to beat them, by better meeting customers‚ spoken and unspoken needs.

We have used WinOvations‚ approach with confidence to redirect significant resources in our portfolio of new business development projects, with great effect.


Meade Rudasill
Vice President and General Manager

A Six Sigma Breakthrough in Innovation

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