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Honeywell (AlliedSignal)
Large Company

October 1, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

AlliedSignal has utilized the services of WinOvationsSM, Inc. on many occasions over the last year to both teach new business development and to conduct ăgap analysesä on new product development activities within AlliedSignal.

WinOvationsâ condensed one day class has several advanced features, including the following:

1.       The WinOvations System for new business development is compatible with our existing stage-gate process, and was readily integrated into it.  We did not have to ăstart from scratchä (although it would have been possible, had we needed to do so).

2.       It is a proven and integrated system, consisting of breakthroughs in the process, coaching and personnel selection aspects of new business development.  The results have been quantified over 15 years of experience.

3.       Useful new tools and concepts in the WinOvations System include:  the top management ăGut-Level Screen,ä a ăRainmaker Indexä for personnel selection for the fuzzy front end of new business development, and new methods of determining customerâs ăunspoken needs,ä along with understanding the value of meeting their needs

4.       The WinOvations System is highly iterative.  Through use of the ăSuccess Wheelä it routinely ămorphsä starting point concepts that are unlikely to succeed into commercial winners.  It works with broad platforms as well as specific projects

5.       The WinOvations courses were effectively taught.  Virtually all of the participants said that they believe this approach would add value to their businesses.

6.       The new business development project reviews conducted by WinOvations helped us to determine which new business development projects are most likely to succeed, and how to accelerate their commercialization when critical gaps were identified.  Based on the results, we have made significant changes in AlliedSignalsâ resource allocation on specific new product development projects.

I highly recommend the services of WinOvations to others who are interested in accelerating their new product development activities.  WinOvationsâ approach is credible and adds value.


Sharon Eisel Clemons
New Product Development Manager
Specialty Chemicals


A Six Sigma Breakthrough in Innovation

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