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Small Company

November 18, 1998 

Mr. Greg Stevens
5001 Oakridge Drive
Midland, MI  48640

Dear Greg:

Since your one-day training session for ten Oliver employees a few weeks ago, we have been very pleased with the application of the WinOvations system for new business development.  We have been able to initiate the following activity as a direct result of this training.

1.       Mark Lastovich, Vice-President of Business development, has led the effort to create a „consensus gut-levelš screen.  We are not yet complete, but Mark has been able to get input from all our board members, including family members, as well as senior management.  This input is now being further analyzed and discussed and will result in Oliver‚s „gut-level screen.š

2.       We are using WinOvations‚ „Segmentation Hierarchyš to analyze our medical market.  We are in the process of prioritizing a select number of platforms, groups and projects based on the preliminary gut-level screen.

3.       We have been conducing an opportunity assessment on a new product for the fast food market.  As we learned in your course, these projects often shift in different directions.  The philosophy of going around the Success Wheel and changing directions to find the winning strategy is allowing us to think outside of our normal realm of solutions and come up with some very unique alternatives.

4.       We have also used the WinOvations framework to conduct exploratory and preliminary analyses on the Latin American market for bread slicers and a new packaging system for the Senior Meals programs throughout the U.S.

I want to thank you for taking the „planned innovationš concept and further refining it to a level that is even more applicable and results-oriented than we have used in the past.  For any other company out there wondering what it takes to develop innovative new products, I highly recommend getting involved with the WinOvations‚ system. 


Robert L. Porter
President and CEO


A Six Sigma Breakthrough in Innovation

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