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Calulating your scores

Follow this link for comprehensive instructions

Note if you have not taken the MBTI instrument, you can arrange to do so through a qualified MBTI administrator. Greg Stevens at WinOvations, Inc. is a one such administrator.

For a fee of $145, WinOvations will provide you with a MBTI instrument and questionnaire via regular mail.This includes an indepth one on one consultation to fully understand your "true type".

We encourage clients to use the Online Ordering, described below:

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Online Ordering to Completing the MBTI:

The online ordering approach can be completed globally, wherever the client has access to the Internet.

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Postal Service Mail-In Approach to Completing the MBTI:

If you are using regular mail the procedure follows. Send a check or money order to:

4850 Rivers Edge Drive, Suite 1200
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 USA

Upon receipt, WinOvations will send you a questionnaire and answer form. When you have completed the form, return the instrument and questionnaire to WinOvations for scoring (using the same address as below). WinOvations will then score the results, and return them to you with a report and material to read. After you have done so, then we will discuss the results, typically by phone or via Email. The consultation is always important, and especially so when the written descriptions of a person's type from the instrument do not seem to fit them perfectly, which is a relatively frequent occurrence. In brief, the consultation helps to ensure that you understand your "true type".

The fees for this service($145.00) include both written report (either by US mail or via Email) and personal consultation, typically via phone, regarding your type. WinOvations will also calculate and interpret your MBTI-CI from the MBTI information provided, which is a service unique to WinOvations. Payment can be made online (via credit card) or  by check through the postal services.

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Pesonality Testing & Consulting for Groups and Teams

WinOvations administers the MBTI as well as the Kirton Adaptor Innovator (KAI) to large groups, as well as one-on-one with individuals.

Please contact Greg Stevens at WinOvations for further information on facilitating groups and teams in understanding their MBTI personality types. We do this for all kinds of groups and team (including professionals, secretaries, production line workers, aircraft pilots, aircraft maintenance workers and many other kinds of groups). We particularly specialize in administering these instruments for individuals and teams involved in new business development.

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